Fence Cleaning: Keep Your Fence Looking Its Best

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A fence is a must-have for many potential homeowners, whether they want additional privacy or a safe place for their pets or kids to play. For current homeowners, fences are key for the same reason. However, fences also require upkeep that can quickly become too much to handle if not managed consistently. This is where our experienced soft washing team can come in and tackle your fence cleaning needs.

Fence Cleaning: Keep Your Fence Looking Its Best

Consider the following strategies to keep your fence looking its best:

  • Soft Washing: Our team offers fence cleaning using our soft washing technique. This method clears away buildup while applying a gentle touch that ensures your fence remains intact. Our specialized cleaning solutions will also rid your fence of contaminants such as mold and mildew with ease.
  • Second Line of Defense: Many types of fences, such as wooden ones, require staining and sealing to lessen the chance of decay, water damage, and UV fading. However, before applying stain or sealant, you’ll need to ensure your fence is prepped. Fence cleaning is a great way to do this, as soft washing techniques prepare the surface for any new stain or sealant you plan to apply.
  • Assess Damage: Beyond fence cleaning, it’s also important to check your fence on a regular basis for damage indicators like loose boards, rust, or missing hardware. Fix any problems as soon as possible to keep them from getting worse.
  • Remove Vegetation: Prune back any bushes, vines, or other plants that are growing close to the fence, as they can cause excess moisture, which can result in mold or other damage.

With these tips, along with consistent fence cleaning, your fence can continue to provide privacy and protection for years. Contact our team today to learn more.